Product Info

The Green Solution is part of a medical marijuana dispensary committed to provide quality products to help patients reach health goals while we keep a clean, natural environment.



Flower contains the dried, cured, manicured and trimmed reproductive structure of the cannabis plant that contains the majority of trichomes that contain multiple cannabinoids, and is eventually ground to make blunts or joints. Flower is smoked or vaporized.



As a leader in the industry we pride ourselves on having the most extensive concentrate lineup to provide our customers with as many high quality concentrates as possible. Solventless concentrates is made by collecting trichomes from plant material.



Edibles are recipes that are infused with cannabis oil, and is another alternative to smoking, or vaping. Unlike smoking cannabis which has immediate effects, the edible method of consumption takes time because the active ingredients go through the gastrointestinal tract before entering the blood.



Drinks are for the patient that wants a quick effective way to consume a single dose of cannabis. They are tasty and satisfying, these drinks will quench any thirst and leave the patrons with a smooth buzz. The drink activates quicker than a traditional and the effects are enjoyed right away.



Cannabis is not just for smoking, drinking, or eating, cannabis can also be used as a Topical. Topical affects receptors located in the skin and body. Both THC and CBD are known to reduce pain and inflammation. Topical use of cannabis is completely different from digesting or inhaling. Topicals may produce anti-inflammatory and analgesic (pain relief). Remember it’s impossible to get the eurphoric effects from using cannabis topicals.