Frequently Asked Questions

Recreational Cannabis coming soon to TGS Illinois locations! – Stay tuned for more updates!

Who can Purchase Cannabis?

Anyone with a valid government issued 21+ Photo ID will be able to come into the dispensary and make a recreational purchase! This includes out-of-state ID’s and passports.
How much can I Purchase?

  • IL residents can purchase up to 30g of flower, 5 grams of concentrate, and 500mg THC for edibles and infused products.
  • Out of state customers can purchases up to 15g of flower, 2.5 grams of concentrate, and 250mg THC for edibles and infused products.
  • IL Medical Cardholders can purchase up to 2.5 ounces (70.87g).

How should I transport my Cannabis?

  • Cannabis must be in a sealed container, child-resistant, odor-proof container, and out of the reach of the person operating a vehicle.
  • All packaging at The Green Solution adheres to these requirements at the time of purchase. We recommend placing your un-opened bag in the trunk of your vehicle until you arrive home.
  • It can get hot in Illinois, if the temperature outside is above 70 degrees, we recommend keeping a insulated cooler or lunchbox in your vehicle to prevent edibles from melting.
    Where can I consume Cannabis?
  • Recreational customers and patients can consume cannabis at their home, in their backyard, back porch or private residence. Landlords and property owners can ban consumption at their discretion.

Where is consumption is NOT allowed?

  • Public places like streets, bars, restaurants, hotels, public housing and assisted living homes will not allow consumption.
  • Places that are ‘publicly visible’ also will not allow consumption, like your front yard or front porch.
  • Consumption in your car is not allowed.
  • In close proximity to someone under the age of 21.

What will be for sale?

  • We carry a range of the highest quality cannabis products available in the State of Illinois, including dry flower, pre-rolled joints, edibles, liquid edibles, vape pens, concentrates, topicals, sublingual’s and more.
  • Unfortunately, for customers familiar with our inventory in Colorado, many brands we feature are not available in Illinois; including but not limited to, Nectar Bee Concentrates and Edibles, The Green Solution Flower, Cosmos Flower, and Nelson’s Reserve Flower. We have searched hard across Illinois Products and found great replacements until the time those brands can become available.

Do I pay in Cash?

The Green Solution Illinois is currently Cash Only. We do have an ATM in the lobby with a $3.50 convenience fee.
What is the difference between Medical and Recreational?

  • Medical cannabis card holders registered at The Green Solution can skip any lines.
  • For a limited time, Express and Call-Ahead orders are reserved for Medical Cannabis Card Holders only.
  • We segregate medical products to ensure we maintain a constant and broad selection, and medical patients can always purchase from all products for sale. Recreational products often sell out.
  • Medical cardholders pay only a pharmaceutical tax while recreational customers will pay the following total Recreational tax rates which differ by location:
    Location Sauget, IL Normal, IL
    Pharmaceutical Tax 1.75% 1.00%
    Flower below 35% THC 18.75% 17.60%
    Edibles and Infused Products 28.75% 27.60%
    Cartridges and Concentrates 33.75% 32.60%

Don’t want to make that much? Get a card. If you’re an Illinois resident, it’s easier than you think.

Will making a purchase cause me to lose my FOID, Conceal Carry License or to Face other consequences?

No. We need to check your ID only to confirm your age, no personal identification is placed into our system. Your anonymity is assured.

I have visited your stores in Colorado and have a Green Lifestyle Rewards Account, will my account work in Illinois?

We do not have Green Lifestyle Rewards currently set up in Illinois and those rewards can only be accessed in the State of Colorado.

Do you have any current discounts or promotions?

We currently offer a 10% discount to active duty military and veterans. You must show your proof of military/veteran status prior to check-out at the register. Acceptable proofs include your DOD issued Military/Veteran ID or a Veteran certification on your state issued ID.

Medical FAQs

Can I go to any dispensary in the State? Can I belong to more than one dispensary at a time?

With a medical cannabis card, you can register at any dispensary in the State, but you can only be registered to a single dispensary at any time. Switching dispensaries is free, takes about and hour, and can be done any number of times.

How do I switch the dispensary I’m registered to?

Patients must change dispensaries through the State portal – this is the same login used for applying for a card. Dispensary change requests will go through within minutes.
If you have not already set up an account on the portal you will need to do so, using your qualifying patient info.

What do I need to bring to the dispensary?

You must have you a Valid Government Issued ID and your Illinois Medical Cannabis Card to enter the dispensary.

Do I pay in Cash?

The Green Solution Illinois is currently Cash Only. We do have an ATM in the lobby with a $3.50 convenience fee.

What products do you carry?

  • We carry a range of the highest quality cannabis products available in the State of Illinois, including dry flower, pre-rolled joints, edibles, liquid edibles, vape pens, concentrates, topicals, sublingual’s and more.
  • We strive to keep our Weedmaps menu up to date for each store. Click here for our Normal, IL location. Click here for our Sauget, IL location.

Do you accept out of state Medical Cannabis Cards?

Illinois Law only allows us to accept Illinois Medical Cards for Medical Cannabis Purchases.

Do I need to go to my doctor again to renew my Medical Cannabis Card?

If you have had your card for less than three years, you only have to extend your card online here. If it has been three years since your last doctor’s certification, then you will have to get that renewed as well. If you are looking for a different doctor, we can provide you with a list of doctors in the area at the dispensary.

What if I lose my card? Is there a fee?

Without a medical cannabis card in your physical possession you cannot enter a dispensary. To replace a lost card, fill out this form and submit it along with a $25 fee to the IDPH.

I can not get to the dispensary on my own, can someone shop for me?

If you would like someone to be able to make purchases on your behalf, you must delegate a Designated Caregiver. We recommend you select a caregiver while applying for your medical card, but it can be done at any time by mailing a Caregiver Application, a Change of Information Form, and the associated fee’s to the IDPH.

How do I get a card?

Check the requirements here. By applying online, you can receive provisional access to a dispensary within 24 hours of applying. We provide free help filing applications, for help, call you local dispensary or visit a certified local Health Department.

Will I have to wait in line with Recreational Customers?

We have two options to ease Medical Patient’s shopping experience.

  • Utilize our Call-Ahead/Express ordering system by calling your local dispensary and selecting option 3 for a call ahead order.
  • Medical patients can skip to the front of any line formed by recreational patients by simply showing you Medical ID to a staff member.